A memorable trip in 2006 lead me here.



This was taken in Tanzania. The dad went last protecting his family. Breathtaking to see all wildlife in their natural habitat.

Where Have I Slept?

Life on the road has led me to sleep in some noteworthy places.

Done my fair share of sleeping outside. I’ve slept in some parks on warm summer nights.
Slept in campgrounds hanging out in tents and sometimes there’s no tent. I’ve also slept in cars on the sides of roads. Side note- on my bucket list is to be legit homeless in the streets with a sign.

I’ve slept on the ground at several airports as they usually kick ya off the comfy chairs. In fact, that’s where I’m going after this. Plane leaves at 6:30am so tonight I sleep for free!

I’ve shared countless small rooms (@Hostels) with 10-16 peeps all crashing on bunk beds and shearing 1 bathroom. Sometimes I’m really lucky and I have my own room but these luxuries are very rare.

I’ve slept at hostels with roaches crawling on the walls right next to my face and I’ve slept at luxury hostels with free food and internet. Ya get what ya pay for here….as most of you know I’m quite frugal..

I’ve slept on overnight busses, which conveniently stop every hour and turn on all the lights…3 hours sleep is lucky here. I’ve also slept on jam-packed overnight boats where I had just enough room to lay on the deck but not enough stretch my legs.

I’ve slept on a farm with 6,000 sheep and I’ve slept on a dairy farm with fresh milk in the morning. #FarmFresh

I’ve slept in numerous families’ homes. In one, I stumbled upon a basement that’s lined with sex equipment and every closet stacked with sexy lingerie. Another family had real life slaves constantly cleaning every inch of the mansion. Never thought I’d see real life slavery.

I’ve slept on several beaches – molding my body in the sand while looking up at the most beautiful stars. I must say, ya got to try this!

I’ve been lucky enough to sleep in some stunning homes and even some mansions. I have to say these are by far my favorite because I don’t have to share a bathroom with 16 people and a real room just for me. I’ve also spent nights in literally shacks, with holes in floors and no windows in sight but some of the best circulation I’ve ever had.

This my friends is the travel life. I don’t remember what it’s like to have my own space or room. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t sleep in a bunk bed but I LOVE this life because these are life experiences and I’m doing what I love which is traveling the world! I believe if you’re not filling your life with memories then your wasting it. No more boring nights for me…..every night is a true adventure.


Wasn’t sure what would happen but he let me get pretty close before he took off. They look ridiculously slow but their long legs make them faster than a horse.



This is Nimbin, located in Australia. Marijuana is “illegal” but cops don’t even bother with this town. Most hippies I’ve ever seen.